Summer/Fall 2016 - Multiplication

 These past few months have been an amazing whirlwind! God has blessed us with a baby girl and has continued bringing us opportunities for ministry. Our most exciting updates are here below: 

Introducing Madilyn Naomi DeRuse

On August 19th we welcomed our little Madi into the world. She's now 10 weeks old! Thank you so much for your prayers, gifts and encouragement in this season. You are so dear to us and we hope to have the joy of introducing you in person to Madilyn someday. But until then, Facebook photos will have to do. :)

Madi eskimo.jpg


Fan Inspired to Quit Drugs

We’ve been working to expand the online reach of my music with the hopes that it will bring the message of hope to many people. Last month I received this message from a new fan:

“I wanna say thank you. A friend of mine gave me some of your songs to listen to and 3-19-16 was the day I started to listen to it. Your music gave me the life I needed and I quit drugs cold-turkey. Now I listen to your music all the time. Also, I got a tattoo that says “My story isn’t over yet; 3-19-16” Thanks man, means a lot.” 

I'm humbled that God would use my music to influence such a dramatic life change in this man.


Met Fan for Dinner

Zach, a new friend of mine, recently heard my music and messaged me saying he was a fan. To make a long story short, he went out of his way during a trip from Denver to Indianapolis to swing through Kansas City so we could hang out. I had to take him to Jack Stack. I got to talk with him and his mom about life, faith, music and also got to share my story and the message of the Gospel with them. It was a great night!

Encouraging Messages

I've been getting tons of messages on my Facebook music page lately from the USA, Australia, UK and more. People who are looking for answers/advice from people they look up to (in these cases it just happens to be me). I try to listen, and encourage them to seek out what changed my life - a relationship with Jesus. Some are open to the idea, and some offer counter perspectives. I appreciate it all and think it's healthy to dialogue through our differences in personal beliefs. I'm also honored that God would use me to be able to encourage people all around the world through my music.

55 Year Old Impacted

After my show in Smithville, MO, this 55 year old lady came up to me with tears in her eyes, thanked me for pouring my heart out and sharing my story. She then asked me to pray for her. Hip hop transcends age gaps if you aim to be real and passionate. No fake gun bars, baggin' chicks, poppin' mollies, or acting gangster. Just sharing my struggles, challenging people's views on life and bringing glory to the God who changed everything for me.

New Music Videos

Higher Art Cypher

The Higher Art Cypher featured me and several other artists from the Kansas City area. It was to make a positive impact in the city and reflect Christ. All proceeds went to an inner city charity organization.

Reminiscin' 2.0

This is the single for my upcoming album that released in July. It saw over 240,000 views on my Facebook page.

Mainstream is Dead

This was a music video I made for a contest challenging the message of mainstream artists today.


It seemed like every other artist was making a video to this song, so I thought I'd join in and talk a bit about my newborn daughter.


Action 41 News

The "Higher Art Cypher" attracted the attention of a local Kansas City news channel.

103.3 FM

It was awesome being able to be interviewed with a couple other artists on the biggest rap/hip-hop radio station in the Kansas City area.

95.3 FM

Had a great talk on this station and got to freestyle live over the air.

Video Interview w/ Counter Culture

Check out my video interview with Counter Culture about my upcoming music, being white in hip hop, and more!


I spent the second half of September and all of October writing and recording this new album. 100 hours writing and 50 studio hours to be exact! I'm aiming to have it out by the end of the year. It'll be my first album release in 5 years!



  • For little Madi to continue to grow up to be healthy and ultimately to know the Lord.
  • For guidance, clarity, and finances needed in order to complete this new album.
  • For more concerts, speaking engagements, and outreaches to reach more people with the truth of the Gospel.

Thank you!

Thanks again for all the support, both prayerfully and financially. Life-changing events like the stories above are happening because of your friendship, support and encouragement.